Gown Preservation Kits

Preserve your wedding gown by having it professionally and thoroughly cleaned and displayed in a preservation chest.  Distinctive Moments carries  the following line:

Wedding Gown Preservation Co.

Here is how it works:

1. You will receive the Wedding Gown Preservation Kit in the mail from Distinctive Moments. (The kit includes the packaging and forms to ship your gown to the Wedding Gown Preservation Co.)
2. Package your gown in the provided box and provide any special cleaning instructions on the provided forms.
3. Ship your gown via UPS or FedEx with the provided shipping form.
4. It will take approximately within 10-15 business days from the day Wedding Gown Preservation Co. receives it for your gown to be professionally cleaned.
5. Your gown will be shipped back to you cleaned and in a preservation chest.


Your wedding jewelry needs can be met through our selections.   Select pieces for the bride, attendants, mothers, flower girls and as gifts.  Distinctive Moments carries the following lines:

Future Collection Jewelry  
Mariell Jewelry

Gifts and Accessories

Distinctive Moments offers gifts for your wedding party, parents or even yourself.  Ceremony and reception accessories are also offered.  The following lines are carried by Distinctive Moments :

Engravable Gift Collection 


Contact us for a quote for your wedding accessories.